Observa las oraciones principales (independientes). Todas usan el indicativo, pero provocan el uso del subjuntivo en la siguiente oración (dependiente). El verbo en negrita indica que esa oración debe ser formulada usando el subjuntivo, pero… ¿qué tiempo?

Si la oración independiente está en PRESENTE o en FUTURO, o es un MANDATO directo, entonces la oración dependiente requiere el

I hope you will continue taking Spanish

Yo espero que tú continúes tomando español

Si la oración independiente es presentada usando un tiempo del PASADO (o en el tiempo CONDICIONAL), entonces debemos usar el IMPERFECTO DE SUBJUNTIVO en la oración dependiente.

We expected you to be here earlier

Esperábamos que tú estuvieras aquí más temprano

Si la oración principal está formulada en PRESENTE, pero está haciendo referencia a un evento/hecho ocurrido en el PASADO, se necesita el

I hope he had a happy life

Espero que él haya tenido una vida feliz



Traduce las siguientes cláusulas. Todos los verbos en negrita requieren algún tiempo del subjuntivo:

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1. It's important that she remember to take her medicine twice a day. I hope she has already taken it today.

2. He suggests that you study before he gives you a test…unless you want to fail the class, of course.

3. Mrs. Duval requested that the heater be repaired right away. She is afraid that her cat will be a popsicle by the time she gets home tonight.

4. It's vital that a university focus on improving its academic standards instead of centering on ways to make money.

5. My mom insisted that we not leave until she had cooked something for us.

6. They demanded that she immediately offer an explanation for what she just had said.

7. Julia asked that he attend her wedding. I told her not to worry, that he would be there.

8. It was important that we be there without them having to remind us.

9. Before you say anything, it is essential that you remember that we are friends.

10. I propose that we go together so that nobody gets lost.

11. My neighbor insisted that the cat we found be taken to the police station in case his owners were looking for him.

12. I can’t believe that you had a party and didn’t invite me! I hope you had fun.

13. “I can’t believe you are 18 already! I wish I were with you today, celebrating your birthday. May all your wishes come true! May I be there next year with you?”

14. I don't know if it is true, but somebody told me that my sister is moving back to our awful town as soon as she gets a job that will suit her “circumstances”. It is unbelievable that she called our town “charming”… There is nothing charming in Brown Lake, and there are no jobs there that pay well.

15. The doctor advised my grandpa that he should quit smoking, but the old guy told him to go advise someone else… I suggest you put on headphones when you take your grandpa to the doctor’s office unless you have thick skin.

16. He insisted that Sara be invited to the meeting because he will not attend unless she comes. They replied that they don’t know anybody who is as rude as his girlfriend, and therefore they won’t allow her to participate in our reunion at all.

17. Tom says it is not that he drank a whole bottle of scotch last night, but he is certain that he saw a ghost. He is afraid it was the ghost of my mother. I was angry that he thought such a thing, and told him I hope she takes him to hell soon. Do you think I was mean?

18. It is imperative that he start working for the common good before it is too late to fix all the problems that have arisen from his lack of leadership.