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Wednesday, December 12th 2018
4:19am EST

Welcome to the UVM Investment Club

Here are some recent Power Point files from current presentations:

(The file names represent the date of the presentation)

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  • NYSE.ppt

    NYC Trip 2004 is departing Wednesday, Oct. 6th - be sure to attend all meetings in the beginning of this semester. We will be visiting AMEX, Morgan Stanley, Bear Stearns, Black Rock, Northwestern Mutual, and Thompson Intl.

    Coming soon:
    1. Audio clips
    2. Investment tools
    3. Updates
    4. Trip pictures
    5. Member pages/Member profiles page w/ resumes, etc.

      Mission Statement

      The mission of the Investment Club is to familiarize UVM students with the fundamentals of stock market investing.


      1. Students as a group will explore different types of stock investments i.e. growth, aggressive growth, dividend yielding stocks etc. and discuss the risks and benefits of each.
      2. The students will also review the different means of investing; brokers, discount brokers, the internet etc. and discuss the positives and negatives of each.
      3. Students will explore the various aides available to investors such as internet sites, barons, The Wall Street Journal, Value Line and become somewhat familiar with the type of information each provide.
      4. The Group will eventually prepare and run a mock portfolio of stocks as agreed by the group and measure the portfolio's performance.
      5. At some point, the group would look to arrange field trips to Wall Street firms or other investment centers to see this investing activity in real time.

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