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The UVM Investment Club

Click here to view a printable html version of our constitution.

Click here to view our constitution in pdf format (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Article I

The Name of the club shall be known as The UVM Investment Club.

Article II

Section 1 - The purpose of our club is to familiarize and educate interested UVM students with the fundamentals of stock market investing.

Section 2 - Our goals of the club are as follows:

  1. Familiarizes students with different types of stock market investing.
  2. Educate students about the different ways investing can be done.
  3. Help students discover the various investment aids that are readily available.
  4. Assist students in creating a stock portfolio that will be sustained and excel to meet the their needs.
  5. Create a hands on investment atmosphere that parallels real investment firms.

Article III

Members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner during meetings. All Members must join a committee if they are not currently serving on the executive board. Members must give prior notice of absence from a meeting, so their committee has time to compensate for his or her absence. If dues are not paid by a member he or she will not be able to partake in any special club events.

Article IV

Section 1 - The executive positions and responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Presides over meetings keeping a steady forum.
  2. Calls meetings and sets future agendas for the club.
  3. Advocate between advisors and club.
  4. Is responsible for the positive functionality of the Cabinet.
Vice President
  1. Advocate between the UVM faculty and the club.
  2. A duty to educate members about the fundamentals of investing.
  3. Presides over the committees.
  4. Assists president in setting future agendas
  1. Responsible for collecting and maintaining dues in a professional manner.
  2. Presides over the fundraising committee.
  3. Keeps track of clubs fiscal progress (real or fake.)
Recording Secretary
  1. Logs the minutes of each meeting.
  2. Logs all voted actions.
  3. Responsible for contacting all committee chiefs before meetings.
Committee Chiefs
  1. Responsible for informing his or her members of upcoming meetings and events.
  2. Presides over his/her committee with respect towards all members.
  3. Responsible for the progress of committee projects.

Section 2 - The election of the Executive board.

  1. An executive board shall be voted on every semester with the exception of the premiere semester.
  2. There shall be no term limitations for current or past executive members.

Article V

Section 1 - Frequency of meetings.

  1. The UVM Investment club shall meet on the second and fourth week of the month.
  2. The Club will meet on UVM campus.
  3. Dates and times of meetings are subject to change at the president's discretion.

Section 2 - Percentage of members needed to conduct business.

  1. Two-thirds majority needed to vote on issues.
  2. If two-thirds of club members aren't present meeting is adjourned.

Article VI

General Provisions are as follows:
There shall be four individual committees.

  1. Trip Committee: Responsible for scouting out and organizing field trips.
  2. Fundraising Committee: Responsible for developing ways to raise money.
  3. Website Committee: Responsible for building and maintain the clubs Website.
  4. Research Committee: Responsible for researching and finding new stocks.
  5. All committees are subject to change if voted in by two-thirds majority. Additional committees can be voted in as well.
  6. Each Committee has to elect or appoint a committee chief by any means.

Article VII

There is no cap on the amount of necessary amendments to the constitution. All amendments have to be discussed in meeting and voted in by two-thirds vote.

Article VIII

By-laws are as follows:

  1. Recording Secretary opens each meeting with the minutes from the last meeting.
  2. The President gives his/her address to the members.
  3. The Treasure gives his/her address to the members.
  4. The Vice President gives his/her address and presides over the committee forum.
  5. A representative from each committee with the exception of the chief is to update the club on his or hers committees progress.
  6. After the committee forum all individual members are allowed to address the executive board with ideas or questions.
  7. All presentations or special events take place before the end each meeting.
  8. Meetings will end with the President's last words.

Written December, 2000.

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