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  • Guiding the development and implementation of a strategic plan for internationalization at UVM
  • Enhancing coordination and synchronization of current programs and initiatives
  • Assessing the impact of current policies related to internationalization on offices, departments and colleges
  • Offering advice on the distribution of resources to support new and existing programs
  • Ensuring that students from every college or department can find courses through study abroad that meet the requirements of the program of study
  • Ensuring that the international perspective is brought to the table at various meetings and in strategic discussions
  • Promoting efforts to internationalize the campus through curriculum, student and faculty recruitment and inclusion


The International Advisory Council (IAC) and the members of its committees form a broadly representative body composed of individuals from campus entities involved in international activities, inclusive of students, faculty, staff, administrators, and partnering organizations.

The Committees of the International Advisory Council

The International Advisory Council currently consists of six standing committees established to address various interests and concerns relating to Internationalization at UVM. IAC committees function as working groups within the larger IAC structure and include; Executive Committee, Data collection Committee, Communications Committee, Faculty Initiatives Committee, Curriculum Committee, and International Student Experience Committee.

The Executive Committee of the International Advisory Council

The Executive Committee is charged with setting and implementing the strategic direction and plan for the IAC and is composed of the chairs of the IAC, the Co-Chairs of the five IAC committees: Data collection Committee, Communications Committee, Faculty Initiatives Committee, Curriculum Committee, and International Student Experience Committee as well as the University’s Chief Diversity Officer and the Director of the Office of International Education.

Data Collection Committee

The Data Collection Committee is responsible for indentifying, and tracking the collection of, information relating to internationalization efforts on campus. The Data Collection Committee will:

  • Identify what areas and categories of data collection are needed
  • Determine what information is already being collected on campus and document how and where this information is being collected and kept
  • Determine what information is not already being collected an create a plan to cullect these missing data
  • Identify and recommend strategies for institutionalizing systems of data collection
  • Develop and implement a broad assessment of internationalization efforts at UVM
Communications/Area Meetings Committee

The Communications Committee will help formulate strategic communications on behalf of the IAC about the IAC and UVM’s internationalization efforts. The Communications Committee will:

  • Act as a clearinghouse to help collect and disseminate information about internationalization efforts across campus as needed
  • Develop and make updates to the UVM International Gateway Website
  • Help identify networking opportunities for students/staff/faculty engaging in programs or initiatives with an international focus, this includes, but is not limited to, the planning and execution of Regional/Area meetings and events that will provide a place for people doing work in/about a specific region of the world to engage with each other.
  • Help coordinate relevant communications from the IAC to the UVM community.
Faculty Initiatives Committee

The Faculty Initiatives Committee is responsible for addressing issues relating to faculty-led international programs, research and other initiatives to be determined by the Committee. The Committee will:

  • Review policies and procedures that affect faculty-led international programs, research and other initiatives and make recommendations to the Executive Committee about how these policies may be streamlined or improved
  • Review, and if needed make recommendations to create international program standards and procedures for proposing new international programs
  • Identify areas in which efficiencies can be achieved through international programs (e.g. review environmental impact of international programs to ensure maximum return/benefit with the smallest carbon footprint)
Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee is responsible for assessing and making recommendations to advance the level of internationalization present in the UVM curriculum. The Curriculum Committee will:

  • Promote efforts to internationalize the campus through curriculum review and transformation
  • Seek out ways to promote an international perspective or focus in already existing university systems (e.g. General Education Initiative, DCRC, Cullege Curriculum Committees, etc.)
  • Determine the availability and accessibility of study abroad programs within each department and make recommendations that meet the requirements of the course of study
International Student Experience Committee

The International Student Experience Committee (ISEC) will address issues relating to how undergraduate international students experience the University of Vermont. The ISEC is charged with keeping in mind the perspectives of international students and their entry into UVM and the Greater Burlington communities, their success in engaging in and matriculating through UVM, and their successful transition out of UVM. The Committee will:

  • Identify and make recommendations that improve pulicies, programs, services, and systems that impact international students on the UVM campus
  • Assess the impact of the Burlington community on the experience of international students and, where necessary, work with community partners to improve that experience
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