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The History of Internationalization Discussions and Efforts on Campus

Since 1976 there have been over 10 reports from various committees and leaders on campus addressing assorted aspects of internationalization, five of which included strategic recommendations to promote internationalization. In the past three years there have been a number of discussions and decisions about advancing internationalization, as well as initiatives to promote internationalization. In 2007, Provost John Hughes appointed the Committee to Review International Education to examine international education at UVM. In particular, he charged the committee to “consider what operations and functions we will need to support in order to promote the University’s stated intention to bolster international education to realize the vision of the University.” In 2008, Provost Hughes received the committee’s report, Internationalizing the University of Vermont: Internationalizing the University of Vermont: The Time is Now (PDF). In 2009, Provost Hughes implemented one of the recommendations of the report by establishing an International Advisory Council to:

  • Assist in the development of a strategic plan for internationalization.
  • Ensure that the international perspective is brought to the table at various meetings and in strategic discussions.
  • Promote efforts to internationalize the campus through curriculum, student and faculty recruitment and inclusion.

Provost Hughes also established the International Student Success Task Force “to address pressing demands related to a program we are pursuing that will support the enrollment of approximately 80-100 Chinese undergraduate students per year beginning in the summer of 2010 (the US Sino Pathways Program), as well as the needs of our current international students.” Additionally, over the past three years, the President’s Commission on Diversity and Inclusion has submitted two reports with recommendations related to promoting internationalization, including increasing international student enrollment.

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