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Why Integrated and how does integration benefit BISC majors?  

In 2004, the Integrated Biological Science program was introduced in response to an express need for a biological science major that could serve as a sort of umbrella for undergrads who want to pursue a rigorous major without the distraction of which department to be in or barriers to switching departments or Colleges because of different degree requirements.  

The university is home to a wide range of biology-related degrees and departments.  The advantage is clear.  These highly-specialized areas of study add to the richness and innovation that is possible at the highest levels of study and research.  But specialization is built on a firm foundation of knowledge in biological science, and the Integrated Biological Science program has a two-fold mission: provide the core biology education for all biology-related undergrad majors and offer a major with the maximum degree of flexibility in terms of achieving their degree and transferring between colleges when necessary.  

Colleges and Departments have their niches, but undergraduates who enter the Integrated Biological Science track benefit from the availability of those expert researchers, instructors, and the courses they teach all the while maintaining maximum flexibility in achieving their degree.  

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