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Advanced LIfe Science Electives

Advanced Life Science Electives

In year two, you meet with your advisor to map a plan of study for completing your higher-level courses. The plan is signed by both the advisor and you and becomes a part of your student record. The upper level courses listed below are pre-approved to count toward the Advanced Life Science requirement for the B.S. degree in Biological Science.

When a course also meets one or more of the degree requirements for "S" (Quantitative or Statistical), "O" (Oral), and/or "W" (Written) components, notations are provided in the skillset column below. Out of 26 Advanced Life Science Elective credit hours,12 credits should have a quantitative or statistical component, 3 credits should cover oral communication, and 3 credits should satisfy written communication.

The following list may not fully reflect current offerings or options for fulfilling the Advance Life Science requirement. Course offerings change over time and this list is updated annually at best. Consult with one of the Integrated Biological Science program directors to determine whether a course not on this list can be used to fulfill the degree's Advanced Life Science Elective requirement.

Link to Course Listings Description Skillset Category
ASCI 110 Animal Nutrition, Metabolism and Feeding" Organismal
ASCI 117 Horse Health and Disease Organismal
ASCI 118 Applied Animal Health Organismal
ASCI 141 Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals Organismal
ASCI 168 Animal Genetics and Breeding Cellular
ASCI 215 Physiology of Reproduction [S, O, W] Mixed
ASCI 216 Endocrinology Cellular
ASCI 220 Lactation Physiology [S, O, W] Organismal
ASCI 272 Adv. Topics: Zoos, Exotics, and Endangered Species" Organismal
ASCI 297 Nutritional Physiology and Metabolism Organismal
BIOC 205 Biochemistry (Crosslisted with CHEM 205 & MMG 205) Cellular
BIOC 206 Biochemistry II (Crosslisted with CHEM 206 & MMG 206) Cellular
BIOC 207 Biochemistry Lab (Crosslisted with CHEM 207 & MMG 207) [S, -, -] Cellular
BIOC 212 Biochemistry of Human Disease [-, O, -] Cellular
BIOL 202 Quantitative Biology [S, O, W] Organismal
BIOL 204 Advanced Genetics Laboratory [S, O, W] Cellular
BIOL 205 Advanced Genetics Laboratory [S, -, W] Cellular
BIOL 209 Field Zoology [S, O, W] Organismal
BIOL 212 Comparative Histology [S, O, W] Mixed
BIOL 217 Mammalogy [S, -, W] Organismal
BIOL 219 Comparative and Functional Vertebrate Anatomy [S, O, W] Organismal
BIOL 223 Developmental Biology [S, O, W] Mixed
BIOL 225 Physiological Ecology [S, O, W] Organismal
BIOL 238 Winter Ecology [S, O, W] Organismal
BIOL 246 Ecological Parasitology [S, O, W] Organismal
BIOL 254 Population Genetics [S, -, -] Organismal
BIOL 255 Comparative Physiology [S, -, W] Organismal
BIOL 261 Neurobiology (Crosslisted with ANNB 261) [S, -, W] Cellular
BIOL 262 Neurobiology Techniques [S, O, W] Cellular
BIOL 263 Genetics of Cell Cycle Regulation [S, O, W] Cellular
BIOL 264 Community Ecology [S, O, -] Community
BIOL 265 Developmental Molecular Genetics [S, O, W] Mixed
BIOL 266 Neurodevelopment Organismal
BIOL 267 Molecular Endrocinology [S, -, -] Organismal
BIOL 268 Medical Entomology [S, -, -] Organismal
BIOL 269 Plant-Animal Interactions [S, O, W] Organismal
BIOL 270 Speciation and Phylogeny [S, -, -] Organismal
BIOL 271 Evolution [S, -, W] Organismal
BIOL 275 Human Genetics Cellular
BIOL 276 Behavioral Ecology [S, -, -] Organismal
BIOL 277 Sociobiology Community
BIOL 280 Molecular Ecology Cellular
BIOL 286 Forensic DNA Analysis Cellular
BIOL 288 Seminar in Forensic Biology Cellular
BIOL 295 Molecular Ecology [S, -, W] Mixed
BIOL 295 Special Topics
BIOL 296 Special Topics
CSD 281 Cognitive Neuroscience Community
ENSC 130 Global Environmental Assessment Community
ENSC 160 Pollutant Movement Through Air, Land, and Water Community
ENSC 201 Recovery and Restoration of Altered Ecosystems Community
ENSC 202 Ecological Risk Assessment Community
ENSC 222 Pollution Ecology Community
FOR 133 Forest Entomology (crosslisted with PSS 107) Organismal
FOR 222 Advanced Silviculture Community
FOR 223 Multi-Resource Silviculture Community
FOR 231 Integrated Forest Protection Community
FOR 234 Forest Pathology Community
FOR 235 Forest Ecosystem Health Community
FOR 299 Water Relations of Plants Organismal
MATH 168 Mathematics of Biology [crosslisted with BIOL 195] Mixed
MATH 268 Mathematical Biology and Ecology Community
MLRS 242 Immunology [-, O, W] Cellular
MLRS 244 Immunology Lab [-, -, W] Cellular
MLRS 281 Applied Molecular Biology Cellular
MLRS 282 Applied Molecular Biology Lab Cellular
MLS 231 Pathophysiology of Blood Cells Cellular
MLS 255 Advanced Clinical Microbiology [-, O, W] Cellular
MLS 262 Advanced Immunohematology Cellular
MMG 101 Biology of Microorganisms Organismal
MMG 104 Introduction to Recombinant DNA Organismal
MMG 201 Molecular Cloning Lab [-, O, W] Cellular
MMG 203 Mammalian Cell Culture in Molecular Biology [-, O, -] Cellular
MMG 211 Prokaryotic Molecular Genetics Cellular
MMG 220 Environmental Microbiology Cellular
MMG 222 Clinical Microbiology [-, O, W] Cellular
MMG 223 Immunology Cellular
MMG 225 Eukaryotic Virology Cellular
MMG 231 Bioinformatics Cellular
MMG 232 Methods in Bioinformatics Cellular
MMG 233 Genetics and Genomics Cellular
MMG 240 Introduction to Macromolecular Structure Cellular
MMG 262 Nature of Sensing and Response (crosslisted with PBIO 262) [-, O, -] Organismal
NFS 143 Nutrition in the Lifecycle [-, -, W] Organismal
NFS 163 Sports Nutrition Organismal
NFS 203 Food Microbiology [-, O, W] Cellular
NFS 263 Nutritional Biochemistry [-, -, W] Cellular
NR 228 Ecosystem ecology Community
NR 250 Limnology Community
NR 260 Wetlands Ecology Community
NR 260 Soil Ecology Community
NR 278 Principles of Aquatic Systems Community
NR 280 Stream Ecology Community
NSCI 110 Intro to Neuroscience Orgnaismal
NSCI 270 Diseases of the Nervous System Organismal
PBIO 104 Plant Physiology [S,O.-] Organismal
PBIO 108 Morphology & Evolution of Vascular Plants [-, O, W] Organismal
PBIO 109 Systematics and Phylogeny [S, -, -] Organismal
PBIO 117 Plant Pathology [-, -, W] Organismal
PBIO 177 Biology of Fungi [-, O, -] Organismal
PBIO 185 General Biochemistry Cellular
PBIO 187 General Biochemistry Laboratory Cellular
PBIO 205 Mineral Nutrition of Plants [-, O, W] Organismal
PBIO 209 Biology of Ferns [-, -, W] Organismal
PBIO 213 Plant Communities [S, O, -] Community
PBIO 223 Fundamentals of Field Science [-, O, W] Community
PBIO 226 Environmental Problem Solving Community
PBIO 232 Botany Field Trip Community
PBIO 241 Tropical Plant Systematics [-, O, W] Organismal
PBIO 256 Adv. Plant Genetics Cellular
PBIO 260 Plant Population Biology [-, O, -] Organismal
PBIO 261 Plant Growth & Development [-, O, -] Organismal
PBIO 262 Nature of Sensing and Response (crosslisted with MMG 262) [-, O, -] Organismal
PBIO 275 Global Change Biology Community
PHRM 201 Introduction to Pharmacology Celllular
PHRM 240 Molecules and Medicine Celllular
PHRM 272 Toxicology Cellular
PHRM 290 Topics in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Cellular
PSS 106 Entomology and Pest Management [-, O, W] Organismal
PSS 107 Forest Entomology (crosslisted with FOR 133) Organismal
PSS 112 Weed Ecology Community
PSS 138 Commercial Plant Propagation [-, O, W] Organismal
PSS 161 Fundamentals of Soil Science [-, O, W] Community
PSS 268 Soil Ecology [S, O, W] Community
PSS 269 Soil Water Pollution & Bioremediation [-, O, W] Community
PSYC 121 Biopsychology Organismal
PSYC 220 Animal Behavior Organismal
PSYC 221 Physiological Psychology I Organismal
PSYC 222 Behavioral Neuroscience Organismal
PSYC 223 Psychopharmacology Organismal
WFB 130 Ornithology [-, -, W] Organismal
WFB 131 Field Ornithology Organismal
WFB 150 Wildlife Habitat and Population Measurements [-, -, W] Organismal
WFB 161 Fisheries Biology and Management [S, -, W] Organismal
WFB 174 Principles of Wildlife Management [S, -, W] Organismal
WFB 224 Conservation Biology Community
WFB 232 Ichthyology [S, -, W] Organismal
WFB 271 Wetlands Wildlife [S, -, -] Organismal
WFB 272 Wetlands Wildlife Laboratory Organismal
WFB 273 Terrestrial Wildlife [S, -, W] Organismal
WFB 274 Terrestrial Wildlife Laboratory [-, -, W] Organismal
WFB 275 Wildlife Behavior [S, -, W] Organismal
WFB 279 Marine Ecology [S, -, W] Organismal


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