Ice Erosion

Glacier Erosion
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Susan gave Anne a very good book on erosion, which had a lot of information on erosion caused by ice.  This is what Anne learned from reading the book:

Erosion by ice is most commonly caused by glaciers.  Glaciers can have a very significant change on the landscape, but is less common than other forms of erosion such as water, even though it's effects are stronger.  One way that glaciers erode the landscape is when water gets into cracks, freezes, and then breaks off and is carried along by the glaciers.  Another way is by abrasion, which cuts into rocks and scoops them up, leaving behind a smooth and polished surface.  When ice melts it contributes to erosion by water.

Based on what Anne learned from this book, which of the following statements do you think is true?

A.  The effects of glacial erosion is stronger and more common
B.  The effects of water erosion is stronger and more common
C.  The effects of glacial erosion is stronger, but water erosion is more common
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