The Rainforest Community
Who lives in each layer?

The Forest Floor
The Understory
The Canopy
The Emergent Layer


Gorillas live on the forest floor of the rainforest. They enjoy living in dense, thick forests. Gorillas travel in troops lead by one dominant male gorilla. Gorillas walk on their knuckles (Can you walk on your knuckles?) And they eat fruits and vegetation.


Jaguars live in the understory of the rain forest. They live here because they can hide from their prey more easily in the dense forest. They also like to be near water and are one kind of cat that do not mind swimming! Jaguars eat, or prey on meat only. They feast on other animals such as monkeys or tapirs.
palm viper snake


There are many kinds of snakes in the rainforest and most of them are poisonous. They live in the canopy. The snake above is a viper snake. Be sure that you are careful where you step if you are ever in the rainforest because many snakes are camaflouged! (What does it mean to be camaflouged? Can you think of a way you could be camaflouged? CLICK HERE to find out! Snakes eat small animals like rodents (mice and rats).


There are many kinds of rainforest monkeys who live in the emergent layer. We know of 264 different kinds of monkeys! They like to live here to stay away from preditors and to play swinging from tree to tree. Monkeys like to live and travel together and they eat fruits and vegetation.


Tapirs live on the forest floor of the rain forest. They are lazy animals that almost look like pigs, but they are much bigger weighing 330-700 pounds! Even though they are big they can still run fast. Tapirs are an endangered species (What does that mean? Where could you look or who could you ask to find out? CLICK HERE to find out too) Also, they enjoy eating foliage and vegetation.
unamed insect


There are many kinds of insects in the rainforest, most of which live in the understory of the rainforest. They live here because of the thick, dense vegetation. Many, like this insect, are unamed. They eat the vegetation that they live in. (Can you imagaine eating your home?)


Toucans live in the canopy of the rainforest. Here they are still up high for flying but still protected and hidden some. They have giant bills or beaks  that are half the length of thier body! They enjoy eating insects or lizards.


Bats live in the emergent layer of the rainforest. They live here because they are flying animals and because it keeps them safe from preditors. Bats are the only mammals (they aren't birds!) in the world that can really fly! Most bats eat insects but some enjoy small rodents like mice as well.