Take a Deep Breath...
and Discover
The Respiratory System!
Fifth Grade

respiratory sytem in human body
projects.edtech.sandi.net/ brooklyn/humanbody/

Students! We need your help!
NASA is in the middle of a project to determine how to create a new apparatus
for people to breath when they are in space...but they need your help!
Someone has spilled coffee on their diagrams of the human body ruining them!
Without these diagrams, they cannot remember the parts of the respiratory system
or what they do!

They need YOU to recreate their diagram
so that they can continue with their hard work.
Click here to download the diagram that you must fill out for them!

The following websites will help you to understand the respiratory system. You will learn the different parts of the system, and what each of them do. Use these links to specific websites to fill out your diagram and explanations for NASA!

lizardAllow this lizard to take you on a grand tour
of the respiratory system. Simply click the
 lizard, and follow him for the tour!

No more clowning around!
Learn about how we breathe,

just click on the clown! 

Find out a little more about the anatomy of your lungs:

www.sk.lung.ca/ content.cfm/lungparts

Take this quiz to check and see if you filled out your diagram correctly!

 Other sites you might find helpful or interesting:

When searching for more information, use key words such as RESPIRATORY SYSTEM, LUNGS, DIAGRAMS
Here are some great search engines you could use: