1621 Harvest Celebration

Wampanoag Indians and English Colonist


Hi, my name Russell Peter, but you can call me my Native American name, Fast Turtle.  I am a Mashpee Wampanoag of the Turtle Clan.  I live in Brookline, Massachusetts and in Mashpee, Massachusetts. I like Mashpee the best because it is on Cape Cod, near the ocean and wonderful freshwater lakes

I am an author, film producer, exhibit curator, and public speaker.  My job is to educate people about Mashpee Wampanoag history and culture.  Most of the poems and books I write are about Mashpee and the Wampanoags. I feel that this is important because most of the history of this part of the country is about the Pilgrims.


















Your Challenge

Can you help Fast Turtle educate people about the 1621 Harvest Celebration?


You can be Fast Turtle’s historian assistants by gathering some important facts about the 1621 Harvest Festival.  Answer these questions by using the websites given below.


1.   What kind of clothing did the Wampanpoags wear in 1621?

2.   What type of food was served at the 1621 Harvest Celebration?

3.   Where the English Colonist and the Wampanoags friends?

4.   Did the English Colonists and the Wampanoags eat with forks and knives like we do?

5.   What does the word Wampanoag mean in English?

6.   What does Nawhaw nissis mean in the Wampanoag language?




















Here are helpful websites to help you find your answers








Plimoth Plantation - Online Learning Center



Thank you for your help,


Your Friend,


Fast Turtle



Julie Howell, Grade 4