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Individually Designed Major/Minor

Anything else I need to know?

The IDMajor / IDMinor is located and has its core in UVM's College of Arts and Sciences, not in one of UVM's several other colleges or in a discipline that falls outside the Arts and the Sciences. It is the student's responsibility, in collaboration with the sponsor, to demonstrate that:

  1. the IDM does not duplicate an existing major or minor at UVM, or represent an academically less rigorous version of it, either outside of or in CAS;
  2. the student cannot reasonably pursue a similar minor/major at UVM outside of CAS;
  3. the student can reasonably meet the prerequisites for taking the proposed courses; and
  4. none of the courses outside of CAS in the IDMinor duplicates or approximates an existing CAS course.
  5. Students should plan their coursework carefully in consultation with the relevant departments, recognizing that some courses listed in the catalog are not offered on a regular basis, and those that are may not be offered in a particular semester.

Together, all courses must form a coherent whole. In the case of the IDMinor, it is the student's responsibility to indicate for each course outside of CAS the department and college that offers the course, and the ways it includes elements relevant to a CAS education and the proposed IDMinor.

The demonstration of (3) requires for each course the full prerequisites to be listed. Given the typically unique nature of each proposed major or minor, the approval or rejection of a past proposed IDMajor/IDMinor shall not be treated as a precedent for the approval or rejection of a current proposal concerning the same or a similar IDMajor/IDMinor.

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