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Individually Designed Major/Minor

A science course teaching lab in action

Why an IDM?

Designing an Individually Designed Major (IDMajor) or Individually Designed Minor (IDMinor) is an opportunity to receive credit for pursuing a course of study of your own choice sponsored by a faculty member. The general philosophy behind an individually designed major at UVM can be found here.

In the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), the IDMajor is a nondepartmental, interdisciplinary major for those students whose academic interests in the arts and sciences are not met by the major programs currently offered in CAS. It is not CAS’s intention that such a special major (or minor) be a program of narrow professional training. Rather, the IDMajor must lead to an intensive investigation of some broad area of human knowledge that is not presently defined by a single departmental discipline in CAS. Similarly, the course of study for an IDMinor should constitute a coherent and intensive concentration of courses consistent with the philosophy underlying liberal education.

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