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Special Spring 2018 Seminar

Rewriting History: The New Science of Antiquity

Geared at all faculty members - not just archaelogists

Co-sponsored by the Center for Ancient Studies, New York University

Hosted by DEREE – The American College of Greece

When: May 8-12, 2018
Where: Athens, Greece
Application Deadline: February 1, 2018

The study of antiquity and ancient Greece is traditionally based on material culture, including art, architecture, and textual evidence. In recent years, however, bioarchaeology and archaeological science have opened a new field of problem-oriented, interdisciplinary research, offering a more people-centered approach to the ancient world. The Phaleron Bioarchaeological Project (PBP) ( is the first large-scale, systematic bioarchaeological project in Greece, a collaboration between Arizona State University, the Wiener Laboratory for Archaeological Science of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, and the Ephorate of Antiquities of West Attica, Piraeus, and the Islands (Greek Ministry of Culture). Focusing on the extensive cemetery (ca. 8th-4th centuries BC) recently excavated in Phaleron, the port of the ancient city of Athens, this project integrates archaeological, historical, mortuary, biological, chemical, and genetic data. This seminar, suitable for participants interested in learning how people lived during a time of sociopolitical turbulence in Athenian history, will examine new theoretical and methodological directions in the study of antiquity. Topics to be covered include:

  • Bioarchaeology and the study of human remains within their archaeological context.
  • Health, disease, trauma, and the study of paleopathology.
  • Nutrition and reconstruction of subsistence practices.
  • Human mobility and reconstruction of geographic origins using biogeochemistry.
  • Zooarchaeology and the study of animal remains.
  • Archaeobotany, the study of archaeological plant remains, and paleoenvironmental reconstruction.
  • Geoarchaeology and the utilization of geologic studies in site formation processes.

Seminar activities will include a field trip to the Wiener Laboratory of Archaeological Science, a dinner reconstructing the culinary and nutritional practices of ancient times, and a musical performance.

About the Convener:

Eleanna Prevedorou, a bioarchaeologist, is a postdoctoral researcher at the Wiener Laboratory of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens and a visiting researcher at Arizona State University. She also collaborates with the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens as a visiting lecturer in the Archaeology Graduate Program. Prevedorou holds a BA in archaeology from Greece and an MA and PhD in anthropology from Arizona State University. She serves as project manager and a co-principal Investigator of the Phaleron Bioarchaeological Project (Principal Investigator: Prof. Jane Buikstra, Arizona State University). Her research focuses on the excavation, analysis, and contextual interpretation of skeletal assemblages and archaeological sites in Attica and surrounding regions. She specializes in biodistance and biogeochemistry and has applied sophisticated analyses for the study of ancient human mobility and diet, establishing comparative, baseline data across the Aegean.

To Apply

Please email each of the four application materials as four separate PDF attachments to on or before February 1, 2018 (prior to the NYU deadline).

(PLEASE NOTE: While the deadline for submitting applications to NYU is February 12, 2018, your application must be signed by Sherwood Smith, Senior Executive Director for Diversity, Engagement and Professional Development, to be considered by NYU, therefore the earlier February 1st deadline.

The application packet for Network Winter seminars must include the following:

  • Application
  • Statement of intent*
  • Curriculum vitae
  • One letter of support from the Dean or Chair of your department

Link to application download site:

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