University Green Area Heritage Study

Historic Burlington Research Project - HP 206


Barnes-Buckham Archaeological Site

This site is located south of Main Street, across from the University Green including the land between 461 and 469 Main Street.  According to a report from a 2002 archaeological study of the site, the property was listed as having a “dwelling house, barn, and other outhouses.” In 1808 It was then sold five times between the years of 1808-1824.(1)

An 1830 survey of the property listed multiple structures on the property.  House #1 measured about 22’ by 30’ with a woodshed attached to the back.(2)  It was said to have a basement, fireplace, oven and stove valued at $550.(5)  House #2 (18’x30’) was noted to have a fireplace and a cook stove and was valued at $250.(6)  There was also a fairly large barn on site worth $50 at the time.(7) 

The city of Burlington began to grow around the property and new medical center, the University Green and a Ladies Seminary became their neighbors.(8)

Prior to a 2002 city project that was going to impact the area, some archaeological research was done on the site. It was found that the soil contained pre-1890 domestic artifacts such as ceramics and glass as well as bone, coal, brick iron and other building materials.(9)  Most of these ceramics were found in very small pieces leading archaeologists to believe that they were well trampled when they were at ground level suggesting a barn or carriage yard.(10)  Excavations also revealed a sloping, layered brick wall suggestive of a driveway or entrance.(11)

Text by Rachel J. Peterson

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