University Green Area Heritage Study

Historic Burlington Research Project - HP 206


About the project

This project researching the history of the buildings, statues and objects on the University Green and the surrounding area in Burlington, Vermont was produced by graduate students enrolled in HP 206 - Researching Historic Structures and Sites at the University of Vermont Historic Preservation Program during the fall 2011 semester.

These students were: Katie Briscoe; Lisa Crompton; Andrew Evick; Lucy Hamer; Jenna Lapachinski; Rachel Peterson; Christine Prevolos; Robyn Sedgwick; Julie Senk; and Melissa Smith. Prof. Thomas Visser was the course instructor, and Constance Kent served as the graduate teaching assistant.

The assistance provided by the UVM Library Special Collections, the University Planning Office, and other sources of historical information is gratefully acknowledged. Although most of the sites shown in this study are part of the University of Vermont campus, some privately-owned properties are also included within the study area.