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The town of Milton is located in the northwestern corner of Chittenden County. Since its founding in 1763, Milton has been an active agricultural community with a rich history. Milton's divere soil and terrain have made traditional cash-crop farming difficult but has proven ideal for raising livestock, as centuries of sheep and dairy farming have demonstrated.

This website contains some preliminary research of agriculture in Milton interpreted through a survey of the types of barns in the area. These barns represent an enduring physical link to the vibrant agricultural heritage of Milton. By studying the barns and their related agricultural structures, as well as the evidence of their alterations over the years, we can understand how and when farming trends developed throughout the history of Milton.

The History tab contains a brief narrative history of Milton's agriculture from its founding to the present.

The Maps tab contains digital copies of historic maps and present-day maps that trace the history of agricultural land use in Milton

The Photos tab contains several images from a windshield survey of barns in Milton.

The Agricultural Census tab contains digitized copies of several nineteenth century agricultural censuses for the town of Milton. These censuses provide information on the amount and variety of crops and livestock raised throughout the latter nineteenth century. Totals for two censuses have been provided for quick reference.

The VT Barn Census Homepage links to the homepage for the Vermont Barn Census of which this research is a part. It is sponsored by the University of Vermont's Historic Preservation Program and the Vermont State Historic Preservation Office.

Funding support for the Vermont Barn Census project has been provided in part by a Preserve America grant through the National Park Service to the State of Vermont Division for Historic Preservation.