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Vermont Barn Census

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Charlotte, Vermont


"Eastward, the Green Mountains stand against the horizon, with Camel's Hump and Mansfield piercing the clouds, silent, grand, "rock-ribbed, and ancient as the sea," between which and the beholder lie many peaceful glens and rural glades, well-kept farms and modest homesteads. Westward, a more glorious scene is presented to the beholder, for just enough of the intervening country with its beautiful farms and neat dwellings, just enough of the blue waters of the unequaled Champlain, backed by the long stretch of the Adironacks, rough, rugged, silent and sublime, to form a picture beautiful in the extreme, one that perhaps may be the better summed up in the two words,—'Vermont's best.' " ---- Child's Gazetteer 1882-83, "Town of Charlotte"

Agriculture has been the driving force of Charlotte’s economy since the beginning of its history.   The rich, fertile soil of the Champlain Valley has provided generations with the perfect environment for their farming endeavors to succeed.  While agriculture has declined in the recent years, there are still many active farms operating throughout Charlotte. 

Field and library research and website completed by Rebecca Reese at University of Vermont

Funding support for the Vermont Barn Census project has been provided in part by a Preserve America grant through the National Park Service to the State of Vermont Division for Historic Preservation.