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Maps of Franklin

Historic maps are not only fun to look at, but a great resource for the history of farming in Franklin.  Many farms which were labeled on these maps from the mid-nineteenth century onward are still around today.

The Windshield Survey:
For this preliminary research on the barns of Franklin, a windshield survey (which literally involved driving the roads of Franklin and taking pictures of the barns one could see from the public roadway) was used to determine roughly what kinds of barn structures, and how many, still exist.  My survey discovered 85 locations with around 140 agricultural structures on them.

To see an interactive map of what barns were discovered,  go to

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Wallings 1857 East Franklin
 H.F. Wallings 1857 Map of East Franklin  

Wallings 1857 Map of Franklin
  H.F. Wallings 1857 Map of Franklin

    Wallings Franklin Ctr
H.F Wallings 1857 Map of Franklin Center
Wallings Census Stats 1850
 H.F. Wallings Map Census Statistics

1871 Beers Atlas
1871 Beers Atlas of Franklin.
Beers Atlas Franklin Ctr
1871 Beers Atlas Map of Franklin Center.

1924 USGS Map of Franklin (west)

1924 USGS Map of Franklin (east)

1953 USGS Map of Franklin (west)

1953 USGS Map of Franklin (east)

Walling's Maps and Beer's Atlas' are courtesy of UVM Special Collections.  USGS maps courtesy of UNH Dimond Library.

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This preliminary research about barns and farm buildings in thirteen Vermont towns is offered as a public service to assist local volunteers with their efforts to learn more about the agricultural heritage of these communities. It is hoped that additional information on the history and features of these barns will be submitted by volunteers through the Vermont Barn Census project. The historical research and preliminary field documentation was conducted during the fall 2009 semester by graduate students enrolled in the Researching Historic Structures and Sites course at University of Vermont Historic Preservation Program with the assistance of local volunteers as part of the Vermont Barn Census, a statewide project of the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation, the University of Vermont Historic Preservation Program, Historic Windsor’s Preservation Education Institute, Save Vermont Barns, Vermont Housing and Conservation Board, and the Preservation Trust of Vermont. Funding support provided in part by a Preserve America grant through the National Park Service to the State of Vermont Division for Historic Preservation.  The content of this site was primarily written and accumulated by Jennifer Parsons, UVM Graduate Student in Historic Preservation.