Campus Treasures

University Bookstore

526 Main Street

1967 J. Henderson Barr, architect

Demolished in 2007

The University Bookstore completed in 1967, was the first time the school’s bookstore had its own building. According to an article in the Burlington Free Press, the bookstore was housed in the basement of the Waterman Building since 1939. [1] The new building allowed much more space; 5,000 square feet in the Waterman Building compared to the new 17,000 square foot building. The International style building, designed by J. Henderson Barr, was built by H.P. Cummings Construction Company at the cost of $433,000. The one-story building was carpeted and had air-conditioning.  [2] [3] The building was demolished after commencement 2007. Approximately 80% of the materials were recycled. [4]

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Researched by:

Lindsay Marshall, graduate student, Historic Preservation Program, University of Vermont, 2007