Campus Treasures

Lafayette Hall

115 University Place

1959 Freeman, French, Freeman, architects

1996 Diane Gayer, architect

Multi-departmental academic building

After two years of preparation, Lafayette Hall was built in 1959 behind Old Mill. Designed by Freeman French and Freeman, of Burlington, the building reflects the University’s theme, "tradition looks forward." The curtain-wall construction of Lafayette against the Victorian Gothic style of Old Mill and next to Royall Tyler Theater shows how the University continues to grow and adapt to the students while keeping with tradition. The building had classrooms with moveable walls for flexibility in class size and teaching needs. The building could hold 680 students. Lafayette Hall was kept only to three levels high, to not detract from the grandiose Old Mill. [1]

In 1996, Lafayette went under major restoration, along with Old Mill. Diane Gayer was brought in to design plans for the restoration of Old Mill and Lafayette Hall. [2]  Lafayette was completely revamped and expanded to meet the needs of the growing university. The redesign of the Old Mill and Lafayette included a new building to connect the two. Previously the two buildings were connected by a skyway on the second floor. The new design allowed for the buildings to be connected at all four stories. Between the two buildings during this renovation project, 20,000 square feet of new space was acquired. [3]   

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Researched by:

Lindsay Marshall, graduate student, Historic Preservation Program, University of Vermont, 2007