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The house at 34 South Williams Street today houses the University of Vermont Women’s Center.  The brick residence features Colonial Revival details combined with a bungalow style design.  To the rear of the property sits a two bay brick garage of the same design.  This home first appears on the 1926 Sanborn map but was not present on the 1919 maps of the area.[1]  The first resident of the house was Mary A. Murphy in 1928, a student at the time of the publication of the Burlington city directory of that year.[2] 

Double bay brick garage behind 34 South Williams Street, Photo by Author

In 1931, the directory lists her as the widow of Thomas H. Murphy but by 1936, she had moved out of the home.[3]  The Gage family moved into the home and lived there until 1949 when Aldo Franceschi, a UVM instructor and physician purchased the home.[4]  The Franceschi family lived at 34 South Williams for the next several years but by the mid 1960s, the home had several different occupants, indicating that it was used as a rental.  In 1978, the property was vacant until another UVM affiliate owned the house.[5]  The UVM Dean of Students lived in the home through the 1980s until it was purchased in 1988 by the University of Vermont.  The University subsequently reused the space for the Women’s Center.  Much of the details on the exterior are indicative of the era it was designed and the home is a good example of the style and scale of homes built in the 1920s.


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Researched by: Johnny Holdsworth

graduate student, Historic Preservation Program, University of Vermont, 2007



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