Ferguson Avenue looking west from Shelburne Road

November 1938; Louis L. McAllister

October 19, 1006, Brandee Wagner: 180642513E; 4923740N; 218ft.

This photo was taken from the middle of Shelburne Road looking east down the length of Ferguson Avenue, named thusly for Archibald O. Ferguson of the Ferguson and Scarff Addition.  Here it is easy to see the residential portion of Ferguson and Scarff’s plan realized.  A quick glance at the occupants of these homes and their occupations shows the mixed-use and mixed-class idea in practice.  Residents on this street included Mrs. Jennie F. Syme, widow of David (#183, 1934-1938), (1) Gerald R. Petrie, U.S. Government Employee (#177, 1932)(2) and Raymond B. Baldwin, salesman at C.P. Smith, Jr. Inc. (#117, 1938)(3) on the south side of the street (left).  On the north side (right) residents included Christian C. Robbins, Printer at the Lane Press, Clarence H. Schryer, service Manager at the Burroughs Adding Machine Company (#180,1923&1938, respectively),(4) Perley M. Stoughton, retail sales Manager at Cons Auto Sales Company,  and John Atatro, automobile mechanic (#176, 1923&1938, respectively).(5)

            From a U.S. Government employee to salesmen, widows, and auto mechanics, the Ferguson & Scarff Addition served as home to all classes and types of Burlington residents.




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Today, the neighborhood remains virtually untouched.  The same houses with minor, if any, changes still stand at the same addresses.  One minor change to note is the enlargement of the garage associated with number 183.  Other than this, any other changes to the homes have been miniscule.

Also, the mailbox of 1938 is no longer there; instead, a stop sign has been put in its place, blocking the chocked neck roof of house number 183.  Note the large tree on the left is now gone and has been replaced by several moderately-sized trees lining the street.  The tree on the north (right) side of the street, next to the telephone pole has grown tremendously since 1938. 

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