St. Paul & Main Street
Looking North

April 29, 1943; Louis L. McAllister


October 22, 2006; Caitlin Meives
UTM 180642051E; 4926286N

This image was taken from the intersection of St. Paul and Main, looking north down St. Paul Street, toward College Street. On the left, one sees a commercial block that consists of four separate buildings.  Barely visible, the first building comprises #139, 137, 135, and 133.  David Blow refers to it as the “Woodbury and Walker Block,” as Urban A. Woodbury and Kilburn B. Walker built the structure in 1891.[1]  The second building contains #121, 123, 125, 127, 129, and 131 and at the time of the picture is listed in the Burlington City Directory under “St. Paul Annex,” followed by a number of names, seeming to indicate that the uppers floors served as apartments in 1943.  The first floor housed such businesses as Park Taxi, EJ White Paint and Glass Co., Bundles for Britain, as well as a billiards hall.  On the right of the image, one sees the edge of City Hall Park. For more information click here and follow the links to City Hall Park.

In the foreground, the construction workers appear to be removing streetcar rails.  This was part of the city's Rail Removal Project, carried out in an effort to salvage steel for the “War Effort” during World War II.[2] 

[1] David Blow, Historic Guide to Burlington Neighborhoods, Vol. 3  (Burlington: Chittenden County Historical Society, 1991), 127.

[2] (author unknown), Photo Caption, Louis L. McAllister

Aside from changes in street lamps and the addition of traffic lights, the view on this block of St. Paul Street, across from City Hall Park, remains much the same.  The four buildings on this block are still present today, with different businesses.  These include Silver Maple and Jack Huntley.
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