Corner of Main and South Union Streets

Louis L. McAllister, circa 1925
Facing Southeast

Sara Casten, October 2006
Facing Southeast, 180642434E 4926207N UTM

There are two prominent subjects in the photo.  One is the snow storm where a truck has become stuck, and the other is the Edmunds School in the background.  Based on the boxy shape of the truck and the vehicle used to remove it, this was probably taken in the 1920s, possibly in 1925, as indicated in the annual report there was a very large snow storm which was documented by McAllister.[1] 

The Edmunds School was built in 1900 and housed the original High School, the last class to graduate was in 1964.  The land had been offered to the city by Senator George F. Edmund for the sum of $15,000, and hence the name of the school.[2]  The additions were not added until 1926 as indicated by the Sanborn maps and while this picture is not dated this also helps reference a time as there are clearly no additions.[3]


[1] Burlington Annual Report, 1925, 162

[2] Blow, 181

[3] Sanborn Insurance Map, Burlington VT, 1926

The school still stands today, and now houses the city’s middle school.










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