Insection of Main and South Winooski Streets

Louis McAllister, May 1943
Facing East

Sara Casten, October 2006
Facing East, 180642279E 4926298N UTM

Taken in 1943, McAllister was documenting the rail removal project.  The trenches are clearly visible and in the foreground the viewer can see were work was stopped so the photograph could be taken. 

The two prominent buildings in the foreground are a private residence on the left, and the Gulf Gas Station on the right.  Most of the smaller buildings on the left side of the street are small apartments and the Burlington Memorial Auditorium stands in the background.  Across the street are several businesses, most of them are automotive related, either as services stations or for selling auto parts.  There is one restaurant, Norses, and the sign is visible painted on the side of the building very close to the Amco sign on the building next to it.[1] 


[1] Burlington City Directory, H.A. Manning, 1943

This is probably the most obvious view of the road widening since the 1940s.  234 and 236 Main Street, located on the left side of the road still stand today, but most of the other apartment buildings have been demolished in their place are parking lots and the now vacant mid town motel.  The Burlington Memorial Auditorium is now very prevalent in this picture as most of the large elm trees have vanished due to disease.  The Auditorium is no longer used as a hall, but is now home to Burlington City Arts, and many artists’ studios.  One the right side the Gulf Station is gone, but has been replaced by a Shell Gas Station.  On the right side of the street all of the other small businesses are gone, and there spaces have been replaced by a large brick building with the blue awnings called Perrywinkles, a jewelry store.   However, one apartment remains in view, the green two story building still stands, by looking at the slope of the roof it is clearly the same building as in the 1943 McAllister photo.  According the National Register this building was erected in 1865.[2]


[2] Author Unknown, National Register of Historic Places Inventory: Main-College Street Historic District,  (U.S. Nation Park Service) Section 7 pg 11


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