Hayward Street looking north from Howard Street

UTM 18 0642129E 4925325N

L.L. McAllister
December 9, 1942

S.E. Arena
October 31, 2006

This image is one of several showing the Hayward Street Improvement project that took place between 1941 and 1945. The construction included work on Marble Avenue and Howard Street. In the foreground on the right wooden frames are being constructed to pour new curbs. Once the curb work is completed, another wearing layer of asphalt macadam would be constructed.(1)

The houses lining the street in this view are part of the development by Charles Hayward during the 1880’s. Hayward divided up a few previously occupied lots and added several more and built small dwellings to house the Pine Street Mill workers.(2)

(1) City of Burlington Annual Report, 1942; 169

(1) G.M. Hopkins Map, 1890

    The Burlington Book. Historic Preservation Program, Department of History, University of Vermont (Burlington: UVM HP Program, 1986), 13

The small houses built by Charles Hayward for local mill workers have remained with few changes. Examples of typical alterations can be seen on #50 Howard, the house in the foreground on the right, #54 the blue house behind it. On #50, the rear porch has been enclosed and vinyl siding has been added, and on #54 the front porch has been rebuilt and new paint applied.


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