Howard Street looking east from Pine Street

UTM 18 0641978E 4925312N

L.L. McAllister
November 9, 1945

S.E. Arena
October 16, 2006

This view shows the completion of the Hayward Street Improvement Project, which took place between 1941 and 1945, and included portions of Marble Avenue, Howard Street, and Catherine Street. The project focused on repaving the streets and repairing curbs, gutters and sewers.(1) The buildings lining the left side of the street belong to the E.B. & A.C. Whiting Brush Fiber Factory. The closest structure housed the cutting and combing division, beyond which was the fiber storage.(2) The families living nearby were mostly working class and several remained in the neighborhood for many years, such as George Drolette who lived at #32, first house up on the left. He and his family resided at that location for twenty two years from his employment at Queen City Cotton on to his retirement. Many people also chose to live close to where they worked. For example Eloi Demers who lived at #45, the large dark colored house at the top of the hill on the right, built in 1904, happened to be the proprietor of the South End Lunch restaurant, just around the corner at #75 Hayward.(3)

(1) City of Burlington Annual Report, 1943;173

(2) Sanborn Fire Insurance Map for Burlington, 1942

(3) Burlington City Directories, 1924-1946

E.B. & A.C. Whiting occupied this location from the construction of the factory in 1901 until the late 1990’s. At some point the company came under control of Capital Resource Partners, based out of Boston, who then closed the plant in 2004.(4) The factory buildings are now occupied by a variety of smaller enterprises. All of the houses remain with few alterations.

(4) Brian McGrory, Boston Globe, June 17, 2005


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