Locust Terrace looking north towards Hayward Street

UTM 18 0642165E 4924945N

L.L. McAllister
April 13, 1934

S.E. Arena
October 19, 2006

This view shows the preliminary sewer construction necessary for the eventual opening of Locust Terrace. At the time of the photo Hayward Street extended south as far at #135, the two story house with the hip roof near the center built around 1922. There the road came to a dead end, with open field stretching beyond it all the way to South Park, now known as Calahan Park.  This land, which would come to include Charlotte Street as well, was part of the C.R. Hayward Estate and the Buell Estate. The industrial building to the far left was used as fiber storage for E.B. & A.C. Whiting.(1)

(1) Burlington City Directories, 1921-1935

    G.M. Hopkins Map, 1890

    Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for Burlington, 1926, 1938

It is unclear why there is such a large gap in time from the initial sewer work for Locust Terrace to the actual construction of homes, which did not occur until the late 1940’s. Since then though the view has changed dramatically, from an open field to a residential neighborhood with no empty building lots. #135, the house that marks the division between Hayward Street and the Locust Terrace extension, can still be seen in the distance, now with white siding and a rear addition, constructed around 1960.(2)

(2) Burlington City Directories, 1934-1950

     Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for Burlington, 1926, 1938, 1942, 1960


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