Ledge Road looking east from Shelburne Road

18 0642256E 4924848N

L.L. McAllister
October 9, 1935

S.E. Arena
October 19, 2006

Ledge Road borders on the well-to-do “Hill” section of Burlington and the residents of the homes in this view fit into that trend. The first house on the left, #16, built in 1921, was owned by Fred Brainerd who was Assistant Treasurer for Queen City Cotton. Moving up further are two nearly identical houses, #30 and #38, both built in 1926. These were occupied by Percy Ballard, general agent for P.L. Ballard Insurance Service and William Carr, a manager for General Ice Cream Corp. The building to the far left is identified at the South End Filling Station.(1)

(1) Burlington City Directories, 1920-1935

The houses in this view are still existing and have undergone few changes. However, the South End Service Station has been lost, replaced with a more modern gas station and garage.


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