Northerly view of Elmwood Avenue from intersection at Peru Street, L.L. McAllister, September 27, 1927

            The key feature of this image is the street, which was, after all, the real subject of McAllister’s photographic survey for the Burlington Public Works Department.  In the background to the left, one can see the fence and front steps of the St. Joseph’s Rectory, and the large front porch of number 97.  To the right, the Elmwood Cemetery stretches toward North Street. Visible next to the cemetery, in front of the first tree in sight, is some kind of hydrant.

            Number 97 Elmwood was most likely built circa 1900.  The first resident recorded in the city directories is Ralph McCarthy, who owned the property for only a year, from 1902 to 1903.  Martin Chase then bought the house and kept it until 1928.[1] 


[1] Burlington City Directories, 1900 - 1928.

Northerly view of Elmwood Avenue from intersection at Peru Street , Kurt Jergensen, December 6, 2005. UTM coordinates 0642055, 4927036 (NAD 83).

            The principal change that took place in this image is the conversion of number 97 into Elmwood Memorial-Meunier's Funeral Home. Though the appearance of the house has changed significantly, the same structure does appear to remain underneath the additional appurtenances.

            Other than the changes to number 97, little has changed. The low pipe fence that can be seen surrounding the front yard of St. Joseph's Rectory in McAllister's photo still exists, as does the vertical hydrant. One unfortunate change is the lack of trees lining the street next to the cemetery.          




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