Northerly view of Elmwood Avenue from the intersection at Pearl Street, L.L. McAllister, September 27, 1931

           In this image, one can see the street after it has been repaved and the curbing stones reset, as described in the 1931 Burlington Annual Report. 

           On the left side of the street, signage has been added along with the lighting and trellis fence at the Texaco filling station.  Immediately behind the filling station stands number 15 Elmwood Avenue, which was repainted between April and September.  The leaves on the elm trees obscure the houses further back on the street, including number 25.

            On the opposite side of the street, number 30 Elmwood Avenue can again be seen.  Discussion of this house will continue with the next image.




Northerly view of Elmwood Avenue from the intersection at Pearl Street, Kurt Jergensen, October 18, 2005. UTM 0642052, 4926836 (NAD 83)

           In this image, the Federal Building that stands at the corner of Elmwood Avenue and Pearl Street, which houses the Post Office and other Federal offices, dominates the view.  The Texaco station at numbers 3 and 5, and the houses at numbers 15 and 19 were all demolished to make way for the construction of the Federal Building in 1958. Along with the construction of the Federal Building, a new street light has since been added at the corner.

           Note the lack of elm trees, which were replaced by smaller, less majestic trees. Also, the location of the fire hydrant at the corner of Elmwood and Pearl has not changed, though the hydrant itself has since been replaced.






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