Southerly view of North Champlain Street from intersection at North Street, L.L. McAllister, August 25, 1930

           Though apparently mislabled, this image is a 1930 McAllister image of the construction at the corner of North Street and North Champlain. In this photo we are looking 143 and 144 North Champlain. Besides the workmen, steamroller and construction, we can see the awning on 143 North Champlain and a projecting portico on 144 North Champlain, along with utility poles and a mail box at the far right.

           143 North Champlain shares a building with 141 North Champlain and 139 North Champlain, but 141 and 139 are not visible in the photographs and have much the same use as all the buildings in the area: businesses on the first floor and living space on the second floor. According to the 1906 Sanborn map, 143 North Champlain was a private school. {1}

           Though, 143 later became a wholesale flour store {2}, and eventually, a grocery store, it appears vacant in the McAllister photograph. 144 North Champlain appears in the directories most often as a business. Very little is mentioned about boarders or renters but, nevertheless, it too was a multiple-use building that over its years has housed several shoes stores and other retailers, along with the occasional renter.

{1} Sanborn Fire Insurance Map 1906

{2} Burlington City Directory for 1910, including Winooski and South Burlington. L. P Waite & Co, Publishers. Burlington, VT: The Free Press Association, 1910.

Southerly view of North Champlain Street from intersection at North Street, Michaela Hutchins, October 18, 2005. UTM coordinates (NAD 83): 0641733, 4927252

           Very little has changed in this photo besides a few facade changes to the buildings and the usual signs of time, like traffic lights and street signs. The south end of North Champlain has also been made a one-way street since the 1930's.











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