What still stands from between 1869 and 1877 in Burlington, Vermont?


North Street

North Street, running east-west from North Winooski Avenue to Intervale Avenue, is part of the large North Street Historic District, encompassing several blocks of North Street and part of North Winooski Avenue and is nicknamed the “Downtown Main Street.”  Development on North Street began blossoming in 1830 and, by 1900, the street was a bustling residential and commercial district.  North Street became the commercial center for the Old North End and was characterized by the small, family owned businesses and the influx of immigrant entrepreneurs eager to establish themselves in the community.  The close-knit working class neighborhood was a mix of residential, commercial and mixed-use structures, and provided a common ground for the otherwise disparate ethnic groups, primarily the Irish, French-Canadian and Jewish immigrants.1  Today North Street still retains many original structures and some of the original working class character of the past.







1 North Street Historic District National Register Nomination, March 1992