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Dean's Message

Abu Rizvi

There's a lot of news about jobs, or the lack of them, these days. Whether itís the monthly report on a stubbornly high unemployment rate or President Obamaís jobs program, talk about jobs is everywhere. In this context, itís important for universities to think about what, if anything, they should be doing to improve the chances for success of their graduates. Even well-prepared students are having trouble finding jobs in this economy: an August 31 article in the New York Times called "Generation Limbo: Waiting It Out," discussed the fear that many students and their supporters have, that having a college degree won't be enough for students to land a job. Dean Rizvi's Message

Top News

Move In: The Honors College Welcomes the
Class of 2015

U Hgts North - Rainbow

There was excitement and anticipation in the air this past August as members of the University of Vermont Honors College Class of 2015 arrived in Burlington and began moving into their first college dorm room. The first year students were excited to meet their roommates, unpack their belongings, and get ready for their first weekend of college. But even as students excitedly met resident advisors, professors and new friends, talk always veered to Hurricane Irene, the massive storm that was looming south of Vermont. Move In

Sophomore Seminar Curates Online Exhibit for Museum

Sri Lankan Mask

Curating a museum exhibit while being a full-time college student is not an experience that's easy to come by. But this past spring Honors College students in Introduction to Museum Studies, taught by Anthropology Professor Jennifer Dickinson, did just that. The students created an online exhibit titled "Human Forms, Human Functions," which tours some of the Fleming Museum's most distinct work. Students worked directly with the photography, wrote the texts, entered data into the exhibit software, designed the exhibit layout and worked with the programmer to create the exhibit color scheme. The class also created an audio tour, which museum goers can listen to on an iPod the next time they visit the museum.See the online exhibit

Isabel Kloumann '11 Featured in Wired Magazine

Isabell Kloumann

The research of Goldwater Scholar and former Honors College student Isabel Kloumann '11 was featured in Wired Magazine this past September. Kloumann is the lead author of a study examining the interplay between language and emotion by analyzing massive digital texts with a combination of human- and silicon-based supercomputers. The work,was co-authored by UVM Professors Chris Danforth and Peter Dodds, as well as graduate students Catherine Bliss and Kameron Harris (an HCOL '09 graduate and a former Fulbright Scholar).

Kloumann graduated from the Honors College this past May with a double major in Phsyics and Mathematics. She is now studying for a PhD. in Applied Mathematics at Cornell University.

Read the story in Wired: "Happy Words Trump Negativity in the English Language"

Read Kloumann's paper here.


Faculty Seminar 2011,
"The Humanities Challenge"

Library Stacks

The Eighth Annual Honors College Faculty Seminar was held at UVMís Honors College on August 15-17. This yearís topic, The Humanities Challenge, focused on two competing ideas: on the one hand, a long-held belief that humanities disciplines nurture our sense of the complexity of the world in part by challenging us to see it in new ways; on the other hand, a growing concern over the future of the humanities as their place both in the modern research university and in society at large faces a new skepticism about their cultural and economic value. Faculty Seminar 2011, "The Humanities Challenge"

Meet the Peer Mentors


The Peer Leader Program is an initiative designed as a resource for first year students as they transition to college life in the Honors College. Incoming students are grouped with an upper-class Honors College student who serves as the Peer Leader- a mentor sharing experience, listening, giving advice, and ultimately being the resource students need during their first semester here. Throughout the year various programs and events are helped to meet the unique needs of first year students in a new environment. Peer Leader Program


Rebecca Skloot, Zeltzerman Lecture

Author, Rebecca Skloot

The Honors College is proud to host author Rebecca Skloot as part of the college's Zeltzerman Lecture Series. Skloot is the author of "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks," which chronicles the life of Henrietta Lacks, a poor black tobacco farmer whose cells were taken without her knowledge. These cells became one of the most important tools in medicine leading to numerous medical advances. Skloot will speak at the university on Tuesday, October 11, at 5:30 p.m. in Ira Allen Chapel, and will be lecturing in Honors College classes the next day. Author, Rebecca Skloot Visit

Reunion & Homecoming Weekend at the
Honors College

OL Leaders

While Homecoming Weekend has always been a celebratory gathering of the University of Vermont community, this year the weekend (October 14-16) promises to be the most action packed of the year. Homecoming Weekend has been paired with Reunion Weekend, bringing many UVM alums back to reconnect with old friends, as well as offering opportunities for UVM students to connect with UVM graduates. As Honors College alumni, parents, supporters and current students converge on Burlington for one weekend, it's good to remember that there's plenty going on inside and outside of University Heights North. Fall 2011 Reunion and Homecoming at the Honors College