The privy was moved in 1987 from its original location next to the Royalton Academy building across the street.  The small wood structure, which served the Royalton Academy, was about to be torn down.  It was moved to its current location, a setting similar to its previous location and also in the approximate position of the original Central District school privy.  The small simple building is rectangular in shape and covered with clapboards.  The roof is covered with wood shingles.  The wooden structure is placed on corner stone blocks.
        The eave front has two plain doors, which are located on opposite ends of the building almost aligned with the sidewalls. On either side of the building, there is a small square-shaped single ventilation opening with a wood frame located high on the wall.
        The privy is divided into two rooms.  The right door leads to the girl’s (three holed) side, and the left leads to the boy’s (two holed) side.  The interior is all wood including the seating area, a wooden box with round holes in the top lid.

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