Emeriti Faculty - Wolfe W. Schmokel

Wolfe W. Schmokel, Professor Emeritus of History

  • PhD, Yale, 1962
Area of expertise

African History, European Civilization, World History, Historiography, Contemporary and German History

Contact Information

Email: Wolfe Schmokel

Wolfe W. Schmokel (Ph.D. Yale, 1962) was at UVM from 1962 until 1989. A specialist in African history, he introduced that subject to the History Department's curriculum. He also taught a broad range of other courses, including European Civilization, World History, Historiography, Contemporary, and German History. (He is a native of Germany.)

For many years he was director of graduate studies, and from 1976 until1980 chairman of the History Department.

He is the author of Dream of Empire, a pioneering study of the Third Reich's overseas ambitions, and, with Prof. Andrea, of The Living Past, a historiographical reader, as well as numerous articles and chapter contributions on African topics, especially the history of Liberia, and German exploration and commerce in Africa.

He was faculty advisor to a number of student organizations, among them the Model UN Club, and participated actively in many aspects of university governance.

Prof. Schmokel and his wife, Kay, live in Wolfeboro, NH.

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