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Note: only participants who signed up for online questionnaires at the beginning of the study are eligible to use the online questionnaires. Others will be mailed paper questionnaires.

Questionnaire for participants

Useful Links for Participants

Need Help?

For help Monday - Friday 8 AM to 3 PM Eastern Time:
Contact Jim Fingar, Project Manager
1-866-814-5747 (toll free)

For help after hours, weekends and holidays, please send an email or leave a message at the phone numbers listed above.

Instructions for Making Daily Phone Calls

Please read this before you make your first call.

Three steps for Making Your Calls to the Nicotine Patch Study:

  1. Call each morning.
    • You can call from any touch tone phone, including cell phones.
    • If you call from a cell phone, please stay in one location during the call. Don't answer the questions while traveling in a car, bus, or train.
    • Your call is expected just before you go to bed each day. The system will allow you to connect starting 2 hours before your regular bed time. If you forget to call before going to bed you can call the next morning until noon. You will receive $2 for each call you complete. If you complete at least 6 calls in a week, you will receive a $10 bonus for the week.
    • Call toll-free number provided in your participant packet or call 866 814 5747 for help.
    • When asked, enter your ID number.
    • You will hear a greeting, "Welcome to the University of Vermont Nicotine Patch Study."
    • If you are unable to connect, hang up and try again.
    • If you continue to have difficulty, call 1-866-814-5747. To get credit for the day's call you must complete the call or call this toll-free number and leave a message about your difficulties connecting. 
  2. Answer all phone questions
    • You will answer the questions by pressing the numbers on your telephone keypad.
    • You will hear a recorded voice that guides you every step of the way as you do the survey.
    • If you need to hear your choices again, just wait a few seconds and your response options will be repeated.
    • For each question, you will be able to answer the question only after you hear a beep.
    • If you need to change your answer, press the * key and the previous question will be asked again. If necessary you can use the * key to step back 2 or more questions, but you must do so by stepping back one question at a time. 
  3. End Call
    • When you have completed the call, you can just hang up. If you have a comment or question, press the pound key (#) to be connected to the research team at the University of Vermont. Please leave your name or participant ID number in the message. 

Daily Automated Phone Questions

The daily questions:

Did you smoke any cigarettes today?
How many cigarettes did you smoke today?
Did you wear a nicotine patch for any part of the day today?
How long did you wear the patch today?
How often did you have urges to smoke today?
How strong were your urges to smoke today?

The additional questions:

Once each week there will be questions about possible side effects from the patch.
On a different day each week there will be additional questions about your mood.
Any day that you report any kind of problem with the patch there willl be a few additional questions about those problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Participation is voluntary and confidential.

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