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University of Vermont Nicotine Patch Study

The Nicotine Patch Study is being conducted by the University of Vermont.

Summary of Study

The study is designed to answer the following question: If a smoker tries to quit smoking using nicotine patches and then smokes one or more cigarettes, is it better to continue patch use or stop using the patches? In the study, smokers will be assigned by chance to either continue or stop nicotine patch use if they smoke after a quit attempt. We will supply free nicotine patches and free telephone counseling to help smokers quit.  Participants call in to a telephone number daily to answer automated questions that usually take less than 5 minutes per call. They answer the questions using their phone keypad. Participants will also fill out either paper or online questionnaires during the study. All information gathered for the study will be kept strictly confidential. All study activities can be done from any location using a touch tone phone, a computer, and the US mail.

This study is funded by the National Institutes of Health, and is conducted by the University of Vermont. The director of the project is John R. Hughes, MD and the day-to-day manager of the project is Jim Fingar.

Reimbursement for your time is provided.

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Research Contact

Jim Fingar, Project Manager
UVM Human Behavioral Pharmacology Laboratory
1 S. Prospect St., Mail Stop 482, Burlington, VT 05401
Email: | 1-877-437-6055 (toll free) | 802-656-9358

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Participation is voluntary and confidential.

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