eWalkers 2004: Step by Step Program

In the Fall smester of 2004 a group of intrepid CITers joined the Wellness Program's Step-by-Step Challenge. The object was to wear a pedometer for 8 weeks, recording our steps everyday. Doug Varney created a survey form for us and kept track of our totals. We were  supposed to choose a "destination" that we thought we could reach by adding all our steps together and converting to miles.

We didn't log the most steps of all the groups participating, but we had fun doing it. For the final wrap-up program, Wellness asked us to bring a poster showing our destination and our progress. We chose Flinflon in Manitoba, Canada (Why? Why not!!) as our destination. An d here is our "poster":

If the movie doesn't start, or if you would like a larger or smaller version, go here.
hope.greenberg@uvm.edu, Created/updated: 17-Nov-2004