Draft web site for a course to be held Fall 2000

Electronic Texts: Where Humanities and Computing Collide?

What do we mean when we say electronic text? Are all electronic texts equally useful? (Useful for what?) Are reading, writing and scholarship different when digital? How do we move our historic record into the digital world and what happens as we do?

In this course we'll explore electronic texts: their development, their contexts, their use as scholarly resources, the questions they raise, and the apocolyptic controversy that seems to erupt all around them. We will read and write electronic texts as we read and write about them. We'll explore the possibilities and problems associated with the creation of structured scholarly electronic texts by learning how to create them. When we're finished we will have helped shape future historians choices by selecting a primary resource, digitizing it and mounting it on the UVM electronic text server (http://etext.uvm.edu).

Rationale and Goals


Assignments and Student Projects


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