Web Resources for ENVS 151

Ian Worley

University of Vermont
February, 1996

A quick look through any of the Web search sites turns up a host of resources. Here are just three!:

ENVision - Leaders in On-line Environmental Consulting

Sustainable Agriculture-Related Homepages and Gophers

Natural Heritage Network

To search for more information try:


Searches nine different services: Open Text, Lycos, WebCrawler, InfoSeek, Excite, Inktomi, Yahoo, Galaxy, and AltaVista (recently added). http://metacrawler.cs.washington.edu:8080/home.html

To search some of these sites individually:

Alta Vista: http://altavista.digital.com
Excite: http://www.excite.com/
Webcrawler: http://webcrawler.com
Yahoo: http://www.yahoo.com

or, if you are using Netscape, you can find more search sites by clicking on the "Net Search" button above this screen.


E-mail discussion groups are available for thousands of topics. Find a group you might like to join by searching at:

The Listserv page.

Compiled by Hope Greenberg, e-mail tohope.greenberg@uvm.edu, 2/13/96.