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Students who are studying French language, literature and culture in an American setting need opportunities to speak the language outside the classroom, to develop the use of the language in their everyday lives, and to enrich their understanding of the contexts of Francophone culture.

The Living/Learning Center offers students a community based on their interests in Francophone language and culture, in which they make French the language of their everyday activities. A student resident organizer will lead the group. Residents of the French house will agree to use French exclusively for a specified portion of the day. The French house will also be the center for many activities based on Francophone culture which are available in or close to Burlington; films, lectures, contacts with French speakers throughout the University and city community, visits from experts on the Francophone developing world, visits to Quebec, theater, music, museums, television programs and reportage. Participants in the French house will improve their fluency and gain a greater familiarity with issues in contemporary Francophone experience.

Potential activities may include the following:

  • having dinner with a member of the French faculty with a focused discussion on a particular Francophone subject;
  • inviting a member of the Burlington Francophone community to have dinner and talk;
  • attending the Pause-CafĂ© in downtown Burlington;
  • viewing and discussing a French film;
  • Reading and discussing a work of Francophone literature;
  • researching on the Web a subject of present concern as expressed in the French media


  1. To help students improve their fluency in French.
  2. To make accessible the Francophone intellectual and artistic resources of our region.
  3. To foster relations with the Francophone community in the University, the city of Burlington, and the region.

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