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Goats-Milk Soap

Let’s face it: goats sure are smelly. But have you ever tried pampering yourself with gentle, delectably lathering, goat’s milk soap? How about soap that smells  like “cedarwood spruce” and “eucalyptus mint”? Now you can come out of the shower smelling like a crisp Vermont mountain morning. That’s right, Elmore Mountain Farm makes all-natural goats-milk soaps that smell so good, you’ll want to eat the bar before you get home.

Who is Elmore Mnt. Farm?
Elmore Mountain Farm is the home and hard work of Bunny and Peter Merill. The old farm-house is nestled in the side of Elmore Mountain in rural, Northern Vermont. The Merills breed, raise, nurture and milk their own goats to craft into their goats milk natural body products. Elmore Mountain soap is gentle on the skin as the goats milk softens and moisturizes your epidermis. All of their soap and body care products are made with all natural ingredients and scented with essential oils, only.

These soap-crafters’ close ties to the goats that they raise becomes evident when the customer can even find out which of the lovely lady goats contributed her milk to the soap. For the wrapped goat’s milk soap, Elmore Mountain Farm appreciates the hard work of two such goats “Thank you, Helen and Lucy!”

Products Available:
Wrapped Soap: $ 4.50 - available in lavender, peppermint eucalyptus and cedar-wood spruce
Foaming Soap: $8.50 - available in grapefruit lime and lavender mint
Bunny’s Bath and Body Oil: $10 citrus and lavender
Bubble Bath: $10 - lemongrass and lavender
Goats Milk Lotion: $12 - pine forest
Utility Balm “for Man and Beast”: $12

Bunny & Peter Merill
Elmore Mountain Farm
(802) 888-8585
Located in Morrisville, VT

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