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Palmer Lane's Maple Treats

Palmer Lane makes all of their maple specialties with Vermont maple syrup. One of their favorite products -the 100% pure maple cream - is made by boiling down maple syrup to remove most of the moisture, rapidly cooling it, and stirring it into a frosting consistency. Maple lovers can spread this delicious maple cream onto pancakes, muffins, toast, yogurt, ice cream or anything else you desire...

For those of you who have pesky food allergies - good news! All of Palmer Lane’s maple products are gluten, nut, and dairy free. Palmer Lane also makes maple candy including maple jelly beans, lollipops and taffy.

Palmer Lane Maple
Jeffersonville, VT

Products Available:
Maple Cream: 5 oz jar: $9
Maple Jelly Beans: 8 oz bag $6.25
Maple Taffy: 8 oz bag $9.99
Maple Lollipops: 25 cents

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