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To access WebXtender, go to:

New 2012 GRE Guidelines and Interpretive Data

Tutorial and Troubleshooting

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about ApplicationXtender (AX) at UVM

To learn how to use WebXtender, see our WebXtender tutorial (PDF).
PDF Printing Solution

Still having trouble printing PDFs? See PDF Printing Solution: Approve ActiveX Controls.

Other Printing Issues

There have been printing issues recently. If you are having trouble printing documents after opening them, there is a workaround for this: Do not open the document. With your query of names listed, simply right click on the blue icon to the left of the name, and click on "print." This method will print that one document only. Or, check each document you want to print, then click on the print icon at the top of the screen where it says "Print Selected Documents," and this will print them all. See the example below:

List of Names to Export to Excel

After you have made a query and have the list of names, documents, etc. on the screen, right click in the space above or below the names – a menu should come up. Click on "Select All," then right click again above or below the names, and another menu should come up. Click on "Copy." Then open Excel and paste.

When finished, it will not look as though any of the names are there – but they are. You will need to delete some rows and then some columns – in the example below, the Query results start on Line 30 and Column R. So go ahead and delete the columns and rows above and to the left of your data to make it more usable. Don't be afraid to experiment.