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Change of Grade Form

The form used is a generic one obtainable from the Registrar's Office. The process for using it: On the left side, one fills in the data to remove an incomplete grade. On the right side, it is used for changing a grade assigned to a student such as one from a course in which a grade cannot be assigned on a regular term basis (the XC grade) or other grade.

When a removal of an "incomplete" or other grade change is required for a graduate student at the time of his/her defence, when the materials are picked up by the Chair of the student's Thesis/Dissertation Defense Committee, this form will be included by the Graduate College Office, already filled in where necessary, ready for final grades to be assigned and signatures. This corrects the student's records in preparation for awarding of the degree and graduation. Failure to complete and file this form, can lead to a delay in awarding of the student's degree.

To learn more, visit the Registrar's Office.