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"Incomplete" Record Card

The process for assigning an incomplete grade is as follows:
Call the Graduate College Office (6-3160) and provide the student's name and the course number involved. On the grade sheet submitted at the end of the course, put an "I" in place of a grade. Complete the Incomplete Record Form obtainable from the Registrar's Office. Send the Incomplete Record Form to Graduate Dean's Office, 330 Waterman Building.

Incompletes are assigned for the following reasons:
Illness, family emergency, personal (at the discretion of the instructor). The course is usually completed no later than the beginning of the corresponding semester in the next year, however, extensions can be given by calling the Graduate College office and requesting one. Instructors are always called before a student's record is changed even though the form gives a date for the grade to be recorded. Graduate students cannot get a grade of "D." Graduate students' grades may only be "A" through "C" or "F".