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Policy for Access to Meetings and Records
of the Graduate College

The Graduate College of the University of Vermont adheres to the Vermont Open Meeting Law and Vermont Public Records Act. In general, much of the activity of the Graduate College is of a confidential nature, dealing with individual academic progress and applicant and other information of a personal nature, both in meetings and in documents and records. However, some meetings of the Graduate College where policies are considered and established may fall within the Public Records Act, primarily Graduate Faculty meetings. Minutes of these meetings are maintained by the Graduate College.

The Dean of the Graduate College will determine which meetings are subject to the Vermont Open Meeting Law, and the schedule of open meetings of the College will be available from the Graduate College office, 330 Waterman, 802-656-3160. Any person calling for information regarding a Graduate College meeting subject to the provisions of the Vermont Open Meeting Law will be provided with the time and place of the meeting. The Chairperson of the meeting will be notified of the request.

Documents not governed by an exemption or exception in the Vermont Public Records Act will be provided to individuals upon written request within five working days of receipt of the request. If, based upon the Vermont Open Meeting Law and Vermont Public Records Act, a person appeals the Dean's denial of admission to a meeting or access to a document, the Dean will consult with the Provost's Office before making a final decision on the request.