Academic courses offered through the GreenHouse provide structure and accountability within the community. Courses offered through participation in the community provide a context for learning experiences, give an opportunity to reflect on those experiences, and offer the opportunity to earn academic credit.

First time residents are required to enroll in the self-paced, one-credit seminar, Ecology of Place (NR 15). This class promotes active involvement in the GreenHouse community and personal reflection as residents transition into the program.

In addition to Ecology of Place, GreenHouse offers a course called Ecological Citizenship (NR 16) for returning students. As of 2012-13, participation in NR 16 is required for all returning residents. The course provides opportunities for students to work in small groups on topics related to sustainability, localization skills, and systems thinking.

Other UVM courses are tailored to fit with the GreenHouse program, and several classes meet in the University Heights South/GreenHouse classrooms. Please follow the links to UVM Geology and Geography departments’ ISEE (Integrated Study of Earth and Environment) program page for more information.