Ecological Citizenship – NR 16

Ecological Citizenship (NR 16) one-credit course that is taken by second-year students after successfully completing NR 15 during their first year as a GreenHouse RLC resident. The Ecological Citizenship seminars provide students with valuable opportunities to participate in design-build projects using local materials and to work with community partners on real-world projects featuring valuable skills for success in a world of complex problems that require people of diverse backgrounds to work together.

With the mentorship of local craftspeople and community leaders, the NR 16 seminars are an introduction to woodworking, cooking with local foods, engaging in leadership on and off campus, practicing wildcrafting, and other traditional skills. Woven into this skills-based fabric are reflective opportunities to explore our individual identities and roles and what it means to be citizens within our communities - Who do I want to be in this community? How do I cultivate the courage to act on my beliefs and create the world in which I wish to live? What can I contribute?

Students in each seminar submit reflective journal entries via Blackboard and write a final reflective paper. Additional assignments/projects determined by the individual seminar mentors may complement these core assignments. Students will be evaluated on the strength of their written reflections, the quality of products produced and overall participation.

The tentative line-up of Ecological Citizenship Seminars for 2015/16 includes Food Systems, Yoga, Spoon Carving, Leadership, Bike Repair, Fire, Maple Sugaring, Winter Camping, and Medicinal Plants.